I decided to start a WordPress for my artwork since the formatting is more like a website… Check out my sections with images of my art and links to my online stores!  I suppose to make it official, I’ll add my artist bio…

I am a long time dabbler in visual arts and made my full-on entry into the Phoenix, AZ arts scene back in 2011. A seasoned local spoken word performer and arts and music supporter in the Valley of the Sun, I chose to venture into displaying my paintings to the public. As a member of the Conspire worker-owned artist collective I participated in group shows in the gallery space as well as being a part of other group shows around the metropolitan area including having works in multiple shows for the annual Art Detour in downtown Phoenix in 2011 and 2012. Although I will be focusing my energy on a sailing trip around the world for the next few years, my next goal is to branch out to include my works in arts and literary magazines nationwide to broaden my horizons.

I am a self-taught artist who has experimented with technique and theme almost all my life. My current work is inspired by my fascination with Chakra and Chi energies. It explores the inner being and energies with intricate designs to express the flows within us with symbolic color and line combinations using my chosen signature swirl accents.

I hope you enjoy my art and check out my online stores! Thank you for your interest!




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